Precautions for using Auto Darkening Electric Welding Cap

Date:2018-9-5 8:53:44 

Auto Darkening Electric Welding Helmet is a new type of eye and face protection products, is an auxiliary tool in the welding process. Compared with the traditional hand-held welding mask, it is more convenient, does not occupy the welder's hands when welding, saves welding auxiliary workers, reduces the welding machine no-load time, greatly improves the welding efficiency and quality, automatically blackens the lens at the moment of arcing, effectively shielding the strong arc light, red ultraviolet radiation and other strong light radiation.

Precautions for use

(1) Auto Darkening Electric Welding Mask generally not suitable for high strength inverted welding, up-looking cutting, and oxyacetylene welding operations because of the risk of dropping and burning of molten metals.
(2) In order to ensure that the automatic photoelectric welding mask works properly, the photosensitive detectors on the photoelectric changing screen must be kept clean and not blocked by other materials.
(3) Adjust the wearing position of the mask before welding to ensure that the welding arc is in the sensing range of the mask photodetector.
(4) When unused, the open knob of the mask must be closed to save electricity.
(5) Screen protector scratch or contact with more welding slag, will affect the field of vision and seriously reduce the protection capacity, so it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
(6) The reaction rate of liquid crystal materials in the frame group will be decreased at low ambient temperature from - 5 C to + 55 C, but the protective performance will not be affected.
(7) Variable light screen is fragile, like LCD TV screen once subjected to gravity impact will lead to damage, do not discard at will, high-altitude operations need to do a good job of fall prevention measures.
(8) Do not place the automatic photoelectric welding mask on the surface of the newly welded workpiece or store it close to the heat source or humidity.
(9) Do not put the automatic darkening welding helmet in any liquid to clean it! It can not be exposed to wet rain in the rain. Do not use alcohol, gasoline or diluent to clean the varying module, otherwise it will cause internal circuit short circuit and damage.
(10) Dry and dry towel can be used to remove dust or slag on the helmet.

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