Solar energy automatic welding mask

Date:2018-9-5 8:50:51 

With the development and innovation of welding technology, the solar energy automatic photoelectric welding mask has solved the shortcomings of arc drilling and eye pain all night. LCD liquid crystal panel and automatic light filter have greatly improved the working conditions of welders and avoided the pain of eyes.

The following questions are often asked to do a simple answer, I hope it will be helpful to the vast number of welders practitioners.
(1) Does the Auto Darkening Welding Mask need to be used in the sun? Where is the sun in the room? Do you want to recharge it under the sun?
Usually people who have this idea, usually solar water heater see more, invisibly copy the use of solar water heater.Dabu ADF DX-980E automatic photovoltaic welding cap built-in high-quality solar cell module, the arc generated by welding, can be charged to it, but do not need to put in the sun exposure, and do not need additional batteries. When the mask is not used, the knob outside the mask should be adjusted to the GRIND position to save power. GRIND means grinding. When the big knob is set to the GRIND position, the screen will not change light. It is used for cutting and grinding. The mask battery is turned off when GRIND is in position.
(2) There are two small knobs inside the mask and a big knob outside the mask. What are the functions of these knobs?
Inside the mask, the Sensitivity knob is the dimming sensitivity adjustment, and the Delay knob is the dimming delay adjustment. Whether it is electric welding. Argon arc welding or gas shielded welding in the welding, these two small knobs, are set in the smallest position. When doing stretch welding, the sensitivity adjustment is generally set at the lowest position, and the variable light delay adjustment is set at the position of 2 cells. The big knob outside the mask is the shading number adjustment, generally set at 10 or 11 position can be, the larger the number, the darker the screen after the light changes. When the 500A is used for large current welding, it needs to be set at 13. Adjust the shading according to the light of everyone's welding environment and the sensitivity of personal glasses to arc light

(3) Welding did not do a good job of protection, by the arc eye, eyes can not open, uncomfortable for several days, how to do?
After being punctured by electric arc light for a few hours, if the eye prickles, tears, red swelling, photophobia, which is clinically known as "electro-optic ophthalmitis", encounter this situation, first to the drugstore to buy a bottle of anti-inflammatory eye drops, or timely use clean towels dipped in cold water or ice cubes, such as towels hot and then dipped in water cold compress. Cold compress can shrink blood vessels, reduce bleeding, and then close your eyes and rest. Don't watch TV or watch your cell phone after your eyes. Don't see any light source, otherwise it will be more serious.If the pain is very severe, you can go to the hospital eye department to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. Generally, it can be resumed in about three days, and it will take about a week.
When doing welding, be sure to wear a professional protective welding mask or glasses, such as the Dabu ADF DX-980E automatic varnishing mask protection effect is very good, wide vision, clear vision, automatic varnishing. When welding, remember that we must take protective measures.

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