Components and functions of Auto Darkening Welding Helme

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The automatic darkening welding mask is mainly composed of automatic darkening filter (ADF), external protective shield, shade control switch, sensitivity setting switch, delay setting switch, power switch, cap case, head hoop, etc. Some electric welding masks are also equipped with eccentric adjustment knob, grinding mode selection switch and sensor sliding cover switch.

The working principle of the automatic darkening welding mask is to use the liquid crystal as the light-shielding lens to detect the generation and disappearance of arc light when welding with the detector on the lens, and to drive the level of light-shielding and color-changing of the liquid crystal to achieve the purpose of protecting harmful light. Next, Ningbo Dabu will introduce the components and functions of the automatic mask of the welding mask.

(1) Auto Darkening Filter

Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) is different from the traditional passive shading lens made of various additives and colors. It is composed of liquid crystal, electronic circuits, solar panels / batteries, sensors, ultraviolet and infrared filters. When the welding arc occurs, the liquid crystal is instantly triggered to darken, ultraviolet and infrared rays are reflected off, appropriate visible light is projected to the fundus of the eye, light transmission is reduced to an appropriate degree to protect the eyes from strong light damage.

(2) External Protective Shield

Made of lightweight and high strength nylon, it can resist dirt and friction, prevent spark from damaging the filter and prolong the service life of the photoelectric welding mask.

(3) Shade Control Switch

The shading level is generally divided into 9-13 grades, indicating the shading level provided under a specific shading level, and the light transmittance of the lens can be set freely according to the requirements when welding. It is easy to see the welding position when welding because of its low opacity grade, good light transmission of the lens, high opacity grade, poor light transmission of the lens and difficult to see the welding position.
Auto-varying filters can filter out most of the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. The choice of shading level is only a matter of comfort and discomfort. It has nothing to do with the degree of protection of the eyes. The varying welding current changes the arc strength, so the shading level of the automatic varying photoelectric welding mask needs to be adjusted.

(4) Sensitivity Setting Switch

Sensitivity setting switch can adjust the reaction speed of the dimming lens from bright to dark. The automatic dimming screen will change from bright to dark as soon as 0.1ms, which can protect the eyes. The switch rotates clockwise, the response time prolongs, the reaction speed slows down, the counter-clockwise rotation, the reaction speed becomes faster, the operation of the automatic photoelectric welding mask, according to the operation needs, adjust the light sensitivity of the lens darkening.
If the filter is not darkened during welding, turn the sensitivity setting up until the filter is stable in the welding operation, avoiding the initial welding eyes from being exposed to arc light. If an excessive sensitivity is selected, the filter may remain dark after the welding operation because of the presence of light around it. In this case, the sensitivity of the filter is reduced until the filter can be dimmed or brightened as needed.

(5) Delay Setting Switch

The delay switch can set the reaction speed of the screen from dark to bright, and the delay time from dark to bright can be adjusted by 0.2-1.0s. Adjusting the switch clockwise, the reaction time from dark to bright is shortened, otherwise the reaction time is prolonged. During welding, when the automatic light changing screen returns to the bright state too quickly, and the afterglow of the welding seam still exists, the eyes will feel uncomfortable, especially after completing a long welding seam, the automatic light changing screen will return to the bright state quickly, and the rest of the glow will cause eye fatigue and general discomfort.
The adjustment function of delay brightening can make the automatic light changing screen return to bright state after lag, and prevent the discomfort caused by afterglow after welding. In addition, the matching reaction time is needed in the process of continuous spot welding. If the time of shield brightening from darkness is not synchronous with the time of gun opening and closing, the operator can not see the welding position, thus affecting the welding quality.

(6) Eccentric Adjustment Knob

The eccentric adjusting knob can adjust the best position of the eye to ADF and set the best angle of sight to meet the welder's best vision after wearing the welding cap.

(7) GRIND 

When the welding process is grinded at the same time, the brightness of the spark will cause the helmet to darken. Therefore, the welder needs to remove the welding helmet and use the welding mask. The process of removing the welding helmet not only reduces the efficiency of the welder, but also exposes the welder's face to the dangerous welding environment and increases the safety risk.
After choosing the grinding mode function, the automatic dimming function is prohibited in the grinding process, and the welding helmet is converted into a face shield, which saves the replacement time. The grinding mode button is outside the auto-changing photoelectric welding mask. The grinding mode is activated as soon as the button is pushed, the grinding mode button is pushed again, the grinding mode is stopped, and the welding mode is reactivated.

(8) Sensor Sliding Cover

The arc of the adjacent station will cause the welding helmet to darken. The sliding cover of the sensor can change the angle of the detection, change the range of the arc light detected by the detector, and adjust the detection range from 120 to 60 degrees, so as to ensure that the welding operation of others will not be affected.

(9) Power Switch

The power switch of welding cap has different designs for different brands, some need to switch power switch before use, and some automatic switch machine. Some use solar cells as the working power of the lens, without replacing the battery, some use two 3V lithium batteries can be replaced.

(10) Cap

The cap shell is made of polyimide material. It is light and durable. The material used is heat-resistant. It can protect the operator from the harm of heat radiation and avoid the damage of welding spark and welding spatter to the face.

(11) Head Hoop

The head hoop is made of low density polyethylene LDPE by injection molding machine once. The knobs at both ends of the hoop can adjust the tightness of the hoop, and a knob at the back can adjust the tilt angle. By adjusting these three knobs to achieve a proper fixed angle of the welding mask, the welding can be done easily with both hands free.

Above is the Ningbo Dabu step provides for you about the automatic photoelectric welding mask components and the role of the introduction, I hope to help you understand the welding mask! Automatic photoelectric welding mask is an important welding labor protection products, double filtering, to avoid the arc generated by ultraviolet and infrared radiation, as well as welding strong light damage to the eyes, to prevent the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmitis.


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