Principle and technical specification of automatic darkening welding mask

Date:2018-9-5 8:47:30 

The automatic darkening welding mask is a kind of labor protection equipment that must be worn by welders during welding operation. The welding mask can effectively prevent the damage of welding arc and spark scald. The automatic variable photoelectric welding mask is an automatic protective welding mask made of photoelectric, motor, photo magnetic and other principles. German standard DZN4647T.7 was first promulgated in October 1982. The BS679 standard promulgated in Britain in 1989 stipulated the time when the shading filters changed from light to dark. In early 90s, China began to develop automatic dimming welding mask.


It consists of two parts: the mask main body and the light changing system. The main body of the welding mask is head-mounted, and the flame retardant ABS is used for injection molding. It is light and durable. It can be adjusted from three different parts and can adapt to various head shapes. The dimming system includes optical sensor, control circuit, liquid crystal light valve and filter.

Principle of protection

The intense arc radiation produced during welding is sampled by the photoelectric mask light sensor, triggered the control circuit, and the output voltage of the control circuit is added to the liquid crystal light valve. Under the action of electric field, the liquid crystal light valve changes from transparent state to opaque state, and the ultraviolet transmittance is very low. Part of the infrared ray through the liquid crystal light valve is absorbed by another filter. Once the arc is extinguished, the light sensor no longer sends out signals, the control circuit no longer outputs working voltage, and the liquid crystal light valve returns to a transparent state.

Technical Specification

(1) Size: effective observation size should not be less than 90mm * 40mm
(2) Optical properties: shading, UV / IR transmittance and parallelism should conform to the requirements of GB3690.1-83
(3) Strength Performance: The observation window should be free to fall from 0.6m height with 45g steel beads at room temperature for three consecutive shocks without any damage.
(4) Response time should comply with relevant regulations.

Automatic darkening welding mask is suitable for all electrical welding workplaces, there are two kinds of hand-held and helmet-mounted electric welding mask. But the hand-held electric welding mask needs to be held in one hand by the user, the other hand welding, in the moment of welding, once the two hands do not coordinate, easy to cause eye burns, so gradually eliminated by the market.
Automatic darkening welding helmet according to the probe automatic induction arc light, liquid crystal light screen quickly blackened, safe, reliable, before arcing can clearly see the welding work piece, arcing moment automatically darkened. When the welding mask is flashing or darkening in the clear state, the battery should be replaced. Prevent heavy falls and prevent hard objects from rubbing lenses and masks.

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