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Although the power cord is small, but the responsibility is heavy, not only directly related to the use of household appliances and life, but also related to the safety of the user's personal property, so consumers should not be taken lightly in the purchase. However, there are a wide range of power line products on the market, and each appliance has its own characteristics. If ordinary consumers can not do it, it is easy to pick the eye. Wire production technology is not too high, raw materials are not too different, if too much cheaper, or jerry-built, or not enough. How to select it?
Selection method
(1) Wire surface marking
According to the national standard, the surface of the wire should be marked continuously by the name of the manufacturer, the type of the product and the rated voltage. This is conducive to the use of wires in the process of problems in time to find the manufacturer, consumers must pay attention to this point in the purchase of wires. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the manufacturer's name, product type, rated voltage and printed marks on the surface of the wire when purchasing power lines, to prevent counterfeit products.
(2)Electric wire appearance
Consumers should pay attention to the appearance of the wire should be smooth and smooth, insulation and sheath layer is not damaged, signs printed clearly, touch the wire without greasy feeling. From the cross-section of the wire, the thickness of insulation or sheath on the entire circumference of the wire should be uniform, should not deviate from the core, insulation or sheath should have a certain thickness.
(3)Conductor diameter
Consumers should pay attention to whether the conductor diameter is consistent with the cross-section indicated on the certificate of conformity. If the conductor cross-section is too small, it is easy to cause short circuit caused by heating the wire. It is suggested that 1.5 square millimeter or more should be used for the household lighting line and 2.5 square millimeter or more should be used for the household appliances with higher power such as air conditioners and microwave ovens.
(4) Distinguish household appliances
Power lines should be selected according to different household appliances. Different household appliances use different power lines. Generally speaking, RVB-70, RVZ-70 parallel or twisted-pair cable should be selected for the integrated plug line used for lighting, recorder and TV set, and its cross-sectional area should be in the range of 0.75-1.0mm2; RVZ-70 three-core with sheath should be used for the power line of rice cooker, air conditioner, ventilator, fan, refrigerator and washing machine. The cross-sectional area of the wire should be 0.75-1.5mm2, and the electric irons, solder ferrochrome, hand drills and other electrical appliances with strong mobility, heat source or spark, and movable sockets should be 0.75-1.0mm2. BV-70 PVC insulated copper core hard wire is used for buried pipe hidden line when decorating houses, and its cross-sectional area should be about 1.0-2.0 mm 2 to ensure long enough safe service life; RVZ-70 sheathed wire should be used for mobile socket connection in humid environment such as kitchen and toilet.
(5)Is there a license number
Whether the "Great Wall Mark" and the production license number of the China Electrical Products Certification Committee are on the package of the wires which are first seen as rolls
(6)Look at the outer structure carefully.
Look at whether the plastic skin on the outer layer of the wire is bright and fine. The lighter should be lighted without fire. Informal products use recycled plastics, dim color, loose texture, can ignite open fires; secondly, look at the length, specific price, BVV2 *2.5 per volume length is 100 + 5 meters, the market price is about 280 yuan, the length of irregular products ranges from 60 to 80 meters, some manufacturers make E insulation skin thick, so that the professionals can not see the problem, generally. By counting the coils of the wire, multiplying the radius of the whole coil, you can roughly calculate the length of the product, the price of which is between 100-130 yuan; and then you can ask the merchant to cut a broken end to see the material of the copper core. 2 *2.5 copper core diameter 1.784 mm, can be measured by micrometer, regular product wire use pure red copper, the outer layer is bright and slightly soft, irregular product copper is black and hard, belongs to recycled miscellaneous copper, high resistivity, poor conductivity, will be temperature and unsafe; finally, the purchase of wire should go to the store or factory outlet Department.
(7)Action performance
Power cord for household appliances, although only accessories, but the use of household appliances plays a vital role, if the power cord is broken, then the entire electrical appliances can not be used. For household power lines, BVV2 x 2.5 and BVV2 x 1.5 models should be used. BVV is the national standard code, for copper sheath line, 2 *2.5 and 2 *1.5 represent 2 core 2.5 square millimeter and 2 core 1.5 square millimeter respectively. Under normal circumstances, 2 x 2.5 main line, trunk line, 2 * 1.5 to make a single electrical branch line, switch line. The single-phase air conditioning dedicated line is BVV2 * 4, with special ground wire.
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