Electric welding machine cable

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Welder cable (YH cable) is a kind of YC cable (universal rubber cable), which is called high strength rubber-covered welding machine cable, commonly known as welding handle wire. It is used for the two side connection of electric welder and the special cable for welding electric welding tongs and electric welders. Its characteristics are low resistance and low voltage. The working voltage is generally 450V to 750V.
The cable structure of welding machine is a single wire core. Generally, a number of copper wires form a copper wire group, and a number of copper wire groups form the conductor part of the cable of welding machine. Therefore, YH cable body is thicker, and hundreds of copper wires. A group of copper wires are surrounded by a heat-resistant polyester film. The insulating layer is generally pure natural rubber and the copper wire is oxygen-free copper. Only in this way can the good conductivity of the wire core and the safety of the cable be guaranteed. Common welder cable specifications are 16 square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square, 95 square, 120 square, etc.
Characteristics of electric welding machine cable:
(1) YH cables operate at low voltage (maximum voltage 200 V) and high current conditions and require a certain degree of endurance.
(2) The long permissible operating temperature of the wire cable should not exceed 65 degrees C.
(3) The electrical wiring of the motor is frequently moved, twisted and cast, requiring soft and good bending performance.
(4) It is easy to be scratched and rubbed by sharp steel components in the course of application, so it requires good mechanical properties such as tear resistance and wear resistance of cable insulation.
(5) The use of complex environmental conditions, such as sunlight, water boiling, contact with mud, oil, acid-base liquids, etc., require a certain degree of weather resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance.
(6) Sometimes hot welds are encountered, requiring good heat and deformation resistance.
(7) Regular movement requires small outer diameter and light weight. It is not suitable to satisfy all kinds of complicated environmental factors in structure because of its low electrical performance and complex operating environment. The use of conditions should be improved in use to prevent external damage.

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