How to choose Electric Welder

Date:2018-9-5 8:37:39 
Choosing a high quality electric welder is the key to choose the size. The selected machine is small, just like a small horse drawn cart, which is difficult and easy to damage the welder. The election is too big and wasteful, the key is that the price is high. Choose the right welding machine according to the thickness of the weldment, current size, electrode thickness, length of working time. Generally speaking, the inverter welding machine than the traditional AC machine to save electricity, but the same type of welding machine earlier purchase investment is larger, the temporary load rate of more than 60% good, long working time.

Here's how to choose a high quality electric welding machine:

(1) When choosing welding machine products, we should go to the regular production enterprises or shopping malls to buy, and to choose high market share brand name products. Never covet cheap shopping in small shops, where the quality of electric welders is not guaranteed.
(2) When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product has the name of the manufacturer, production address, specifications and models, welding current regulation range, load persistence rate and input voltage and current and other content, according to the work needs to determine their own purchase of welding machine.
(3) When purchasing, you can ask the dealer to provide product quality inspection report or certificate. Because the welding machine product is a national mandatory certification products, so purchase must confirm whether the product passed the "3C" certification.
(4) When purchasing, be sure to check whether the product has grounding screw, grounding screw connection should be no paint grounding good. Whether the movement is clean and insulation is damaged, to ensure the safety of use, if necessary, can also be checked.
(5) Before purchasing, you can check the operation, conversion and installation of the switch on the panel, the power indicator lights on and off, whether the fan is normal, whether there is abnormal vibration and buzzing sound in the power supply part, whether there is any odor, appearance discoloration and other heating phenomenon to ensure the quality of the welding machine, give full play to welding. Performance of machine.
(6) If you want to buy gas shielded welding machine, before purchasing, you should also check whether the accessories are complete, whether the wire feeder has oil pollution, whether the rotation is smooth, whether the connection cable matches the appearance of insulation is damaged, in order to ensure the stability of the arc.
(7) After purchase, remember to ask for a receipt from the business to facilitate the factory maintenance later. If the quality of the welding machine can not be guaranteed, it is easy to cause electric shock, fire, desoldering phenomenon in use, and will endanger the safety of life and property. In order to have a safe environment in the future, you must not be careless when purchasing.

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