Common fault and elimination method of Argon Welding Machine

Date:2018-9-5 8:36:23 
1.The control circuit has electricity, but the welding machine can't start
Mainly by foot switch or torch switch contact is not good; start relay or thermal relay failure; control transformer fault. Should be overhauled in time.
2.High frequency oscillators do not vibrate or vibrate sparks
Because of high frequency oscillator failure, spark discharger gap is too large or too small; discharging disk mica breakdown; discharger electrode burnout. The spark gap should be adjusted, the mica plate should be replaced, and the discharge electrode should be cleaned and adjusted.
3.The high frequency oscillator works well, but can not lift the arc
It may be due to the breakdown of the welding power contactor, the failure of the control circuit, and the poor contact of the weldment. Attention should be paid to inspection and maintenance.
4.Arc ignition instability
The main reasons are arc stabilizer failure, elimination of direct component fault and welding power failure. Mainly from the above aspects.
5.No argon gas delivery after the welding machine is started

It may be gas path blockage, control circuit fault, solenoid valve fault, gas delay circuit fault. Should be overhauled in time.

These are the common troubles and troubleshooting methods of tungsten argon arc welding machine, if there are other problems, welcome to inquire, Ningbo Dabu welding welcome you.

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