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Inverter arc welding power source, also known as arc welding inverter, is a new type of welding power source. This power supply generally converts the three-phase power-frequency (50Hz) AC network voltage into DC by rectifying and filtering the input rectifier, and then converts it into a medium-frequency AC voltage of several kHz to tens of kHz by alternating switching the high-power switching electronic components (SCR, transistor GTR, MOSFET or IGBT). After the transformer drops to several dozen V voltages suitable for welding, it is rectified again and filtered by reactance to output fairly stable DC welding current.

Inverter welding machine, in short, is a device that converts DC to AC.

The transformation sequence can be simply expressed as follows: power frequency AC (filtered by rectification) DC (inverted) intermediate frequency AC (buck, rectification, filtering) DC. If it is represented by symbols, it is AC→DC→AC→DC
Generally, the above system is adopted. This is because if the AC welding is carried out directly after the inverter voltage reduction, the active power in the welding circuit will be greatly reduced because of its high frequency and high inductance. Therefore, it is necessary to rectify again.
Compared with the traditional arc welding power source, its main features are as follows:
(1) Small size, light weight, material saving, easy to carry and move.
(2) High efficiency and energy saving, the efficiency can reach 80%~90%, which is more than 1/3 of traditional welding machine.
(3) Good dynamic characteristics, easy starting arc, stable arc, beautiful weld shape and small splash.
(4) It is suitable for combination with robots to form automatic welding production system.
(5) It can be used for a variety of welding and cutting processes.

Because of these advantages, the inverter power supply has developed rapidly since it came into being in the late 1970s. It has been widely used in the United States, Japan and other industrial developed countries.

The switching elements used in the inverter power supply include SCR (thyristor), GTR (transistor), MOSFET (field effect transistor) and IGBT (an electronic component with the advantages of both GTR and MOSFET). IGBT has the potential to replace several other switching components. IGBT inverter welding machine is a great progress in welding machine technology and a new trend of development in the world.

The general development trend of inverter power is toward large capacity, lightweight, high efficiency, modularization, intelligent development and to improve reliability, performance and broaden the use of the core, more and more widely used in various arc welding methods, resistance welding, cutting and other processes. High efficiency and high power, density (miniaturization) is one of the main goals of the international arc welding inverter. High frequency and reducing the power consumption of the main components are the main technical means to achieve this goal. At present, in Japan, Europe and other countries and regions, about 20KHz arc welding inverter technology has matured, high quality products and products have been serialized.
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